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Classenti pianos are available mainly online...
This way of selling allows us to build a higher quality piano at a better price.

Call Classenti on 020 8364 5069 Call 020 8364 5069 for a recommended stockist.

Digital Pianos

Classenti CDP1

Classenti CDP1


Classenti CDP2 Rosewood

Classenti CDP2

Classenti CDP3i




Classenti CDP3i






Classenti P1 Portable Piano


Classenti P1

Classenti GR1 baby grand digital piano in polished ebony



Classenti GR1i 






Upright Pianos

Classenti Upright Pianos

Classenti UP-112

Classenti Upright Pianos

Classenti UP-118



(no photo)


Classenti UP-122






Classenti Upright Pianos 

Classenti UP-112 SILENT

Classenti Upright Pianos 

Classenti UP-118 SILENT






Grand Pianos

 Classenti AG1 baby grand piano
Classenti AG1

 Classenti AG1 baby grand piano
Classenti AG2

 Classenti AG3 grand piano
Classenti AG3








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